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Perks of Being a Host

Join Our Community of Hosts to Unlock the Potential of Your Property!
Make More Money
You're passionate about hospitality and like to go the extra mile to serve great guests. Monetize & get paid for it!
High-Quality Business Travelers
High-quality business travelers lower the risk on your property. Maintain good relationships with your neighbors as our guests are here for work, not to party.
Get Real Support from Us
Our platform is built by hoteliers and powered by a community of professional hosts like yourself. Leverage our 24/7 support team.

How to Become a Dashare Host

Create Your Listing
Listing your property is easy and free of charge. Provide a description of your property, input key details and upload pictures.
Welcome Guests
Communicate with guests prior to their arrival. Ensure that the property is prepared with all the essentials and amenities ready. Ensure the check-in process, either in person or by door code, is seamless and easy.
Get Paid
Get paid directly through Dashare. Guests are charged before arrival and hosts are paid within 7 days after check out, minus a 3% service fee.
Join Our Community of Hosts